The MRL-5 Retractable Fin Stabilizer
(Initial Order Intake)


MHI-MME received its initial order for two units of the MRL-5 type (fin area 15m2/fin) retractable fin stabilizer, which is our largest model. The two units are in production for delivery in 2024 and 2025, respectively.

A fin stabilizer is a marine equipment designed to reduce rolling motion during the voyage, improve comfortability for passengers and crew, as well as to prevent cargo from collapsing. It is mostly installed in ships such as ferries, cruise ships, and RORO ships.

Previously, the largest model we have manufactured was the MRL-4 type (fin area: 12 m2/fin), but the MRL-5 exceeds that as the largest model we have ever received orders for.

Leveraging the momentum from this latest order for the MRL-5, we will continue building on our track record of installation on large vessels to enable more comfortable and safe voyages around the world.