Strong Demand for MET Turbochargers
for J-ENG Engineswith Low Pressure EGR Systems


MHI-MME has received its order for a MET53MB turbocharger for Japan Engine Corporation's (J-ENG) 6UEC50LSH-ECO-C3-EGR type engine equipped with a low pressure EGR system (*1). The order is scheduled for delivery in early 2023.
We have been developing turbochargers for engines equipped with low pressure EGR systems in close conjunction with J-ENG to meet the specifications required by main engine.
The cumulative number of turbochargers we have delivered for engines with low pressure EGR now exceeds 30 units since the first shipment in 2018, which has now expanded to 5 types: 37MB, 42MB, 48MB, 53MB, and 60MB.
We have also already received indications for over 30 additional orders and expect the business volume to further increase going forward. As a manufacturer of turbochargers that focuses on the needs of customers, we will continue to provide the best products that meet various engine specifications and are compatible with new fuels

*1: Low pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system
  A system that recirculates low pressure exhaust gas at the oulet of a turbocharger.
  Name for a new technology developed by J-ENG for UEC engines to comply with Tier III NOx (nitrogen oxides) regulations,
   which is one of the IMO environmental regulations.
  The technology enables the use of low-pressure exhaust gas from the turbocharger outlet to reduce NOx emissions
   while minimizing the impact on fuel economy. 

Diagram of EGR in operation