Improvement of Fuel Economy by VTI (Variable Turbine Inlet)



 Fuel efficiency improvement approx. 3% from conventional models.
    (In case of MET66MA)

 Applicable Type 

 MET-MBtype :flame size 48/53/60
 MET-MA type : flame size 53/60/66
 MET-SEII type: flame size 71


 nstallavariableturbineinlet(VTI) on theturbine side of the turbocharger. 
 *This modification also implies a change of turbocharger specification


 Modification with butterfly valve/ special casing & nozzle enables to achieve turbine capacity
 that is suitable for partial-load operation,
    and optimize turbocharger efficiency at the operational point.

 Delivery Schedule  

 Parts :Seven (7) Months
 Work period : about four (4) days
 *Piping of “control air for valve”, valve control sequence, etc. are the engine builder’s scope of service/ work.


 Please kindly requested to contact us for business inquiry.

 Current situation  

 Many vessels are currently under slow speed operation, and main engine is also operating at partial load.
 Therefore, there is a room for improvement by applying VTI additional installation.

 Different parts  

[ Remark ]Regulator /Signal converter/Distributor , Programing of software, or governor controller, etc.
     are scope of engine builder.