Recommendation for Pre-docking Survey of the Hot Parts of an Axial MET Turbocharger


There are cases in which a MET Turbocharger’s hot parts (turbine blade/nozzle ring) are damaged due to a foreign material flying in from the engine side. Depending on circumstances, it may make continued use impossible.
To avoid such unforeseen circumstances, we recommend the advance survey of hot parts around two months before a ship is scheduled for dry-dock.
The survey can be carried out by simply removing the gas inlet casing and can be completed in about three hours while the ship is in harbor. There is no need to replace consumable parts.
If parts damage should be discovered, replacements can be ordered in advance. This will make it possible to complete the replacement within the docking period, enabling safe operation afterward.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us ([email protected]) or the nearest authorized repair agent.