Policy for Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental Amenity

Basic Policy

We, Mistubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co.,Ltd.(MHIEC), shall endeavor, in the management of our operations, to satisfy all of the quality requirements of our customer, to provide products and services that contribute to the preservation of the Global Environment, and to minimize all the risks to safety, health, and environment that may arise during all processes in which we engage in the phase of development, design and engineering, procurement, manufacturing, erection, commissioning, operation, and after-sale service, for every type of product we provide, from environmental installations to process plant facilities, and shall contribute to the sustainable development of society through our unremitting endeavors to improve these activities.


  1. Establish, maitain, and improve a management system in harmony with safety, health, and environmental amenity, with a clear understanding of our responsibilities and authorization.
  2. Strive continuously to improve and enhance environmental protection activities not only by fully complying with all relevant rules, regulations, other requirements but also, when necessary, by establishing, implementing and evaluating independent standards and setting environmental goals and targets.
  3. Have all employees and staff members of the organization concentrate their efforts into the promotion of positive action for safety, health, quality, and environment in the every phase of operation and in the performance of their job duties.
  4. Define objectives and set clears targets for each divisional activity in the company organaization, and continuously improve the effectiveness of the managemant system through these actions.
  5. Identify risk factors for industrial accidents and environmental pollution, and minimize risk exposure in order to prevent undesirable effects on safety, quality, and the environment, while doing so, strengthen activities to mainrain comfortable and hygienic working environments.
  6. In consideration for climate change, promote action for reducing, reusing and recycling waste, through pollution prevention, saving resources and energy, and alleviating burden on the environment in all aspects of company business activities, and develop and provide highly reliable technology, products and services to contribute toward these objectives.
  7. Ensure that employees working in the company and all the people involved in the company activities understand this policy, and strengthen the awareness of safety, health, quality and environmental amenity.

April 1, 2024
Yoshihiro Noguchi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (MHIEC)