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Living & Leisure News Release



21, 02, 2017
MHI Thermal Systems to Launch 17 Room Air-Conditioner Models in Three New Series -- All Models Deliver Outstanding Performance and Provide Optimal Ambient Comfort to Match Lifestyle Needs --
17, 02, 2017
MHI Thermal Systems to Launch 18 Models of New Indoor Units of Multi Air-Conditioners for Commercial Applications -- Expanding Lineup to Include AirFlex-Compatible Ceiling-Mounted Units, Wall-Mounted Units, etc. --
15, 02, 2017
MHI Thermal Systems to Launch 274 Models in "EXCEEDHYPER" and "HyperInverter" Series of Packaged Air-Conditioners in May -- Expanding Lineups of Models Adopting R32 Refrigerant and Units Accommodating "AirFlex" Panels --
03, 10, 2016
New series of High-Efficiency Package Air Conditioners Wins 2016 Good Design Award -- Features Industry-First AirFlex Draft Reduction Mechanism --
03, 10, 2016
New Company "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd." -- Focus on Expansion of Air conditioning & Refrigeration Business --
20, 09, 2016
MHI to launch two new Series of Room Air-Conditioners, Nine Models Specially Designed for the European Market -- Italian design company helps create units for European taste --
22, 08, 2016
MHI to Launch 2016 "roomist" Humidifier Lineup -- 5 Fan-powered Steam Units, 3 Hybrid Evaporative Warm-mist Models --
08, 06, 2016
Update on Conclusion of Absorption-type Company Split Agreement on Transfer of Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Business to Wholly Owned Subsidiary
19, 05, 2016
MHI Concludes Agreement with Atlantic Group,Leading French Manufacturer of Air-Conditioners and Water Heaters,to Collaborate in Marketing the "Q-ton,"a CO2-based Heat Pump Water Heater, in France
17, 05, 2016
MHI to Conclude of Absorption-type Company Split Agreement on Transfer of Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Business to Wholly Owned Subsidiary


22, 02, 2016
MHI Develops "EXCEEDHYPER" Series of Ultra-high-efficiency Packaged Air-conditioners
-- First Models to be Launched Simultaneously with New "RC-DX3" Eco-touch Remote Control Unit Offering Advanced Functions --
12, 02, 2016
Residential Air Conditioner Recycling Fee to be Revised Due to Improvement in Recycling Cost
09, 02, 2016
MHI Decides Capital Amount of Preparatory Company to Be Established for Split-off of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Business
04, 02, 2016
MHI to Split Off Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Business to Wholly-owned Group Company
28, 01, 2016
MHI to Launch 17 Room Air-Conditioner Models in Three New Series
-- All Models Adopt New R32 Refrigerant, Focusing on Environmental Performance --
25, 08, 2015
MHI to Launch New Models into "roomist" Humidifier Lineup
-- 2 Fan-powered Steam Type Units Undergo Full Model Change for First Time in 8 Years --
24, 08, 2015
MHI Launches "ASV4 Series" of Packaged Air-conditioners for Facility Use
-- APF Ratings Clear 2015 Energy Saving Guidelines by Wide Margin, Achieving Industry's Top Performers --
19, 05, 2015
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Corporation and Toyo Engineering Works to Integrate in July
-- Synergies to be Pursued in Broad Range of Areas, from Cold Chain Logistics and Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration Engineering to Commercial-Use/Residential Air-Conditioners --
24, 04, 2015
[Lumiotec Inc.]
Lumiotec OLED Panels Adopted to Illuminate Special Exhibition at Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts - Seductive Smiles: Masterpieces of ukiyo-e paintings from the Weston Collection - PDF



06, 03, 2014
MHI to Launch New Models of Multi-split Inverter System Air Conditioners for Building Applications, Targeting Overseas Markets
14, 02, 2014
Residential Air Conditioner Recycling Fee to be Revised to Reflect Consumption Tax Increase
30, 01, 2014
MHI to Launch 2 Fully Remodeled Series of Air-conditioning System for Window Perimeters Installation in Building Applications
-- 2 New Series Offer Industry's Top Energy Performance --
27, 01, 2014
MHI to Add 11 New High-performance and Standard Models to Residential-use Air Conditioner Lineup
-- Features to Include "Bio-clear" and "Jet Airstream" Operating Modes --
21, 01, 2014
MHI Contracts Exclusive Use of Nursery School in Mitsubishi Juko Yokohama Building for Children of Employees
-- Initiative Taken to Create a Workplace Environment Conducive to Simultaneous Performance of Work and Childrearing Duties --
20, 01, 2014
MHI to Launch "R-LXR4 Series," Cooling/Heating Free Multi-split System Air-Conditioners for System Replacements in Building Applications
-- Outstanding Energy Efficiency and Installation Ease;Existing Refrigerant Piping Reusable --
25, 11, 2013
MHI Launches "HYPER VSX Series" Of High-efficiency Packaged Air-conditioners
-- Featuring Individual Control of Multiple Room Units And Standard-equipped with High Value-added Functions --
06, 11, 2013
MHI to Launch 6 Top-of-the-Line Residential-use Air Conditioners Featuring Improved Human Movement Detection for Greater Comfort Plus Proprietary Nano-mist / Ion Generating Function
-- Coordinated Operation Available with Company's Hybrid Humidifiers --
05, 11, 2013
MHI Develops "SL4" Next-Generation Centralized Remote Controller for Building AC Systems, Featuring Web Server Functions and Large 9-inch Color LCD Touchscreen
02, 09, 2013
Nine Models Set for Launching in 2013 "roomist" Humidifier Lineup
-- "Double Plasma Bacterial Removal" Featured on All Models:Both Hybrid Evaporative Warm-Mist & Fan-Powered Steam Types --
01, 08, 2013
MHI to Integrate 2 Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Subsidiaries to Enhance Business in Japan; New Company to be Launched in October as "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Corp."



03, 02, 2012
MHI to Transfer Mechatronics System Product Business to MHI-MS: Absorption-type Company Split Agreement Signed Today
18, 01, 2012
MHI Selects "Best Innovation 2011" Awards: Fourteen In-house Recipients Include 1,600 Degrees Celsius Class Gas Turbine And Forklift Truck with Radiation Shielded Cabin
13, 01, 2012
Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum Launches Detailed, Fun Introduction to Tomorrow's Smart Communities -- "Transportation" and "Daily Life Discovery" Zones Newly Revamped --
20, 12, 2011
"MHI vero 4DRT" Radiation Therapy Equipment With Dynamic Tracking System Begins Cancer Treatment at IBRI, Hospital in Japan
30, 11, 2011
MHI to Transfer Mechatronics System Product Business to MHI-MS: Initiative to Enhance Operational Efficiency by Integrating Entire Process from New Installation to After-sale Services
26, 10, 2011
MHI Establishes Marketing and After-sale Services Company in Shanghai Jointly with Suning Appliance, China's Leading Home Appliance Retail Chain, for Residential-use Air-conditioners
25, 10, 2011
MHI Develops 2 New Refrigeration Units for Land Transporters As Contribution to Realization of Low Carbon Society -- New Units for Hybrid/Electric Trucks and 3-Compartment Control in Trailers --
21, 10, 2011
MHI Develops Truck Refrigeration Unit EnablingSimultaneous Chilling and Warming of Two Cargo Compartments >-- World's First Application of Heat Pump Achieves 75% Energy Cut --
03, 08, 2011
MHI Reaches Agreement with Carnival Corporation & plc
On Construction of Two 125,000-ton Cruise Ships for AIDA Cruises Brand
24, 05, 2011
MHI Adds 6 Models to Inverter Built-in "ETI Series" Centrifugal Chillers, Expanding Cooling Capacity Range up to 700 RT - Move Aimed at Further Market Adoption of Inverter Built-in Models -
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