Climate Change

MHI Group has established CO2 emission reduction targets within its MHI Group Long-Term Environmental Target (FY2018-2030) and Fourth MHI Group Environmental Targets (FY2018–2020) and is engaging in efforts to solve climate change problems through its business activities and products and services.
Greenhouse gas emissions in our business activities, in fiscal 2019 amounted to 71 ten thousand tons, decrease from fiscal 2018.
The Group will continue its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in fiscal 2020 and beyond in accordance with the Fourth MHI Group Environmental Targets through ongoing efforts to promote energy saving and improve work processes, contributing to further reductions in energy load and other environmental improvements.

  • CO2 emissions (Scope 1 & 2)

    71ten thousand tons (Note 1)
  • CO2 emissions rate (Compared with FY2014 levels)

  • 1Data is for MHI on a non-consolidated basis and 163 Group companies

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