Integration of shaft generation and WHRS
[ Marine Boiler / Turbine ]

shaft generation
This solution combines MHI-MME's energy-saving power generation system with Wärtsilä SAM Electronics's operational control technology for shaft generator systems.


Shaft generator output is amplified by integration with WHRS.
This solution enable to produce greater power generation capacity and higher propeller propulsion and improve Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI).

Power Turbine

Type Max. output
MPT26R 800kW
MPT30R 1,200kW
MPT33A 1,400kW
MPT42A 2,200kW
MPT48R 3,000kW
MPT53A 3,500kW
Power Turbine


Steam Pressure Single pressure 0.6~2.2Mpa
Dual pressure 0.6~2.2Mpa、0.3~1.0Mpa
Steam Temperature Saturated ~ 400℃
Type system
1 Single pressure Type Superheater + Evaporator
2 Superheater + Evaporator + preheater
3 Dual pressure Type Superheater + Hp Evaporator + Lp Evaporator
4 Superheater + Hp Evaporator + Lp Evaporator + preheater
5 Hp Superheater + Hp Evaporator + Lp Superheater + Lp Evaporator + preheater

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