Auxiliary Boilers
[ Marine Boiler / Turbine ]

The role of the marine boiler varies on each type of ship, such as crude oil tankers, containerships, and bulk carriers, so, we have created four models.


Simple and compact design
  • Smaller footprint due to the top-firing burner design
High reliability and long life
  • Drum shape with less stress concentration
  • Water walled furnace
Easy maintenance
  • Less soot deposit and easy cleaning using plain tube
  • Easy inspection with in-line tube arrangement
Easy and safe operation
  • Automated control with PLC and adoption of furnace safeguard supervisory system
  • Adoption of touch panel monitor providing easy operation and monitoring


History of MHI-MME marine boilers

1885 Manufactured first MHI marine boiler.
1974 Manufactured first MAC-A boiler (first two-drum water-walled auxiliary boiler).
1983 Manufactured first MAC-B boiler.
2011 Manufactured first MAC-SB boiler.

Production record

Two-drum water-tube MAC boilers: 1,666
MAC-B boilers: 1,487
MAC-SB boilers: 6
  • 5,378 boilers in total, including main boilers (as of May 2012)

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