Mitsubishi Fatigue and Vibration Testing System Hydract
[ Testing Equipment ]

MHI Group’s fatigue testing device, Hydract, is used for vibration proof tests in various fields, including architecture and other civil engineering structures which are becoming increasingly diversified and complex.
Based on our hydraulic (oil) pressure technology which we have developed over the years, we manufacture fatigue and vibration testing devices for a wide variety of needs, starting with earthquake-resistant vibration platforms which accurately reproduce vibrations that earthquakes cause to building structures, the G simulator which recreates the car collision shock, and the large size two axle test device which tests anti-seismic rubber protection system. We are unique in the fact that, as well as being the manufacturer, we are also a user of these test devices, which we take full advantage of by reflecting our perspectives as a user in improving the design and manufacturing, and maintenance of our products.

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