CO2 Recovery Plants : What is the KM CDR Process®

What is the KM CDR Process ®

MHIENG offers large scale, high performance & reliable CO2 recovery plants for application in a wide variety of industries.

MHIENG is proud to introduce an advanced, commercially available CO2 recovery process; the Kansai Mitsubishi Carbon Dioxide Recovery Process (KM CDR Process®) which delivers economic performance for plants of wide ranging capacities. The MHIENG CO2 recovery process utilizes "KS-1™ solvent", an advanced hindered amine solvent, in conjunction with a line of special proprietary equipment. The technology was developed through cooperation between MHIENG and Kansai Electric Power Company, Inc. (Kansai). The process is based on an advanced and proven technology for recovering CO2 from various sources of flue gas. Users who adopt this economical process will enjoy benefits such as lower energy consumption, lower solvent degradation and low corrosion.

High Performance

  • Significantly reduced utility costs
  • Simplified operation and maintenance

Large Scale and Wide Range in Capacity

Operating experience Maximum Capacity 450 metric T/D (ton per day)


Basic design 3,000 metric T/D / Single-train (Ready for delivery)

Wide range of flue gas sources
  • Gas firing
  • Oil firing
  • Coal firing

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