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Primetals Technologies and Kappa are cooperating on dedusting systems for the iron and steel industry


In future, Primetals Technologies and Kappa Filter Systems (Kappa), Steyr, Austria, will be cooperating

on the sales and marketing of dedusting systems for the iron and steel industry, as well as on their

research and further development. An agreement to this effect has recently been signed. The key

feature of the plants that will be jointly offered in future is the internationally patented Zeron large fabric

filter system developed by Kappa. The solid concrete panel structure allows all the functional areas to be

integrated compactly into one filter building for the first time – from the dust pre-separation to the clean

gas stack. This leads to an optimal air flow pattern without turbulence or vortex, and the result is an

extraordinary low total filter resistance. This considerably reduces the amount of energy required for

operation in comparison to conventional bag filter systems. Dust emissions can be almost completely

eliminated, and the noise emission level significantly reduced. The concrete panel structure increases

the local value add, and substantially reduces both the logistics costs and the assembly times. The

modular design facilitates future expansions, if required. The cooperation agreement will run for an initial

term of five years.