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Press Information

MHI Thermal Systems to Launch 6 New Models in its Commercial-use Air-conditioner Lineup
-- New 20HP Model Responds to Large-capacity Demand, Delivers Industry Leading Energy Efficiency --

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In addition, the height differential between the outdoor and indoor units has been expanded to 90 meters (m), one of the largest in the industry, and the differential between two indoor units on the same line has been increased to 30m. These improvements facilitate their use in high-rise buildings where indoor units are installed on multiple floors. Further, the maximum outdoor (ambient) temperature range during cooling mode has been raised to 46°C DB (dry bulb), up from the LX4's 43°C DB, for enhanced installation flexibility.

Basic air-conditioning performance has also been improved. Most notably, the installation space required with the 20HP model is only 0.97m2 (W1350×D720 mm), less than half the earlier dimensions. Also, cooling COP*2 is 2.77, enabling the industry's highest energy efficiency in a 20HP unit*1.

Going forward, MHI Thermal Systems will continue to respond to diverse replacement needs through the development of outstanding commercial-use multi air-conditioners, package air-conditioners, and other equipment that offers easy and convenient installation. Through pursuit of ever-greater energy savings, the Company will contribute to global environmental protection.

*1: Valid as of November 2017, based on MHI Thermal Systems' investigations.
*2: Coefficient of performance (COP): the ratio of a system's useful energy output to its energy input. The higher a system's COP, the greater is its energy-saving efficiency.