Announcement of the Executive Changes


Nagoya (Japan) – February 19, 2021 – Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation announced Executive Changes as follows:

On 31th March 2021

New Current Name
Retired Chairman (Representative) Hisakazu Mizutani
Retired Director of the Board, Senior Vice President, Head of Customer Support Division Hiroyuki Tatsuoka
Retired Statutory Auditor Shoji Sato

On 1st April 2021

New Current Name
Matters related to Corporate and Sales Assistant to President on Corporate Affairs Keisuke Masutani

Directors and Auditors of the Board as of April 1st are as specified in Appendix.



Directors and Auditors as of April 1st, 2020 (Changes are bold.)

Title・Role Name Area of Scope
President (Representative) Takaoki Niwa
Director of the Board
Senior Vice President, Director of Corporate Office
Keisuke Masutani Matters related to Corporate and Sales
Senior Vice President
Executive Chief Engineer
Yasuhiko Kawaguchi Supervise and manage matters related to development

Title Name Notes
Director of the Board, Part-Time Hitoshi Kaguchi Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Director of the Board, Part-Time Hiroyoshi Kodama Mitsubishi Heavy Industries