Training Classes

EVOL Classes – Now at your facility!

By popular demand, MHI Corrugating Machinery Division is pleased to present our series of EVOL training classes at your facility.

We are fully committed to helping your company achieve and maintain the highest level of quality, productivity and efficiency, possible through these hands-on training classes, delivered by our expert training/engineering staff.

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Contact Darrold Phillips
TEL:(410) 584-7990 x3040

EVOL Machine Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Available as a 2-day session presented to your personnel and crew responsible for maintaining your EVOL box making machine(s).


  • Evaluate and correct communication errors
  • Correct machine set-up errors
  • Identify machine issues using the CNC
  • Navigate Step 7 software for I/O troubleshooting
  • Evaluate and correct machine fault codes


  • Introduction to EVOL communication systems
  • Machine set-up monitoring tools
  • Drive system architecture
  • Monitoring I/O using VAT tables
  • Drive system troubleshooting

EVOL Drive Diagnostics


  • Hardware Identification
  • System Architecture
  • Using Siemens Step 7 for machine troubleshooting
  • Evaluating drive fault codes using Siemens Scout software
  • Hands on experience using actual drive components

EVOL Safety Circuit Diagnostics


  • Understanding safety key wiring
  • Safety PLC operation
  • Evaluating safety faults
  • Simulator experience using actual safety PLC