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Working together… you will have the longest-lasting, most reliable equipment in the corrugating industry.

We strive to make Mitsubishi Service the best in the corrugating machinery industry. With a staff of Engineers on call for Field Service in North America, we bring many years of collective experience in servicing and maintaining Mitsubishi machinery.

This has created dividends for our customers in reduced downtime and the assurance of support, even with older equipment. Unlike some other suppliers, we don't require our customers to upgrade to expensive new systems to get support.

PEAK prrformance program

Mitsubishi’s Peak Performance Program is an affordable solution to help boost your productivity and profitability in a time when you need every competitive edge you can get.

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Corrugating Machines

Machine Upgrade and Rebuild Programs

With some Mitsubishi machines running for over 30 years, we've learned our customers don't want to give them up. So we have number of programs to upgrade or rebuild machinery:

  • The Single Facer Rebuild Program
  • Electronics Upgrade
  • Production Control Systems Upgrade
  • Corrugating Roll Re-grinding and Re-plating

MHIA Machine Improvements Technical Bulletins

  • 50C/50D/55C machines
  • Sigma Control System
  • 53B Mill Roll Stand
  • 53C Mill Roll Stand Controls
  • 55C Glue Machine
  • 56-1C Rotary Shear
  • 57G Slitter Scorer
  • 60G Machine

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Box Making Machines

EVOL Maintenance Program

EVOL Maintenance Program

Covers all the preventive and ongoing maintenance for your workhorse box making machine.

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EVOL Rebuild Services

EVOL Rebuild Services

Restore your EVOL machine, no matter its age or current condition, to original equipment specifications.

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MHI Corrugating Machinery Division is pleased to present our newest series of EVOL training classes specifically prepared for maintenance personnel responsible for their EVOL machine(s).