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MHI’s Vision

photo:Hideaki Omiya Chairman of the Board

We will leverage our technical expertise built up over 130 years to contribute to social progress and the sustainability of the planet, continuing forward to realize our vision of “Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow.”

July 2014 marked the 130th anniversary of MHI’s establishment. We started out in shipbuilding, before expanding our operations into aircraft, power generation systems, industrial machinery, rockets, and a host of other areas. In this respect, our history mirrors the progress of society.

Today, the world continues to undergo significant changes, among the most salient being the ascendancy of the emerging countries, globalization driven by rapid advances in information and communications technology (ICT), and increasingly severe environmental problems. As it has in the past, MHI will adapt to these changes in its operating environment, bringing its technologies to bear in addressing the broad-ranging issues faced by society and the planet, and focusing all its effort into resolving these imposing challenges. At the same time, in our bid to become a truly global corporation that earns the trust of people throughout the world, we will constantly maintain a global perspective and a sense of challenge as we continue to innovate in our quest to achieve sustained growth.

I believe that the strong desire to deliver technologies that can excite people and a passion for manufacturing are the driving forces that will allow us to remain true to our corporate identity (CI) statement of “Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow.” I also firmly believe that further strengthening and optimally leveraging the technological expertise we have cultivated in the course of 130 years will contribute not only to our own growth but also to social progress and the sustainability of our planet. We will continue taking up these challenges with the firm determination incorporated into our CI statement.

I look forward to the sustained support and guidance of all our customers, shareholders, investors, and everyone otherwise involved in MHI’s endeavors.

  • Hideaki Omiya Chairman of the BoardHideaki Omiya
    Chairman of the Board
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