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Business Activities

Input [Financial Capital] [Manufactured Capital] [Intellectual Capital] [Human Capital] [Social Relationship Capital] Management Strategies Corporate Governance [Allocation of Capital] To Four Domains Output

Pursuit of Business Plan

MHI is moving steadily ahead in line with the 2012 Medium-Term Business Plan and aiming for even further growth during the next business plan.

Interview with the President

Four Domains

Energy & Environment

Image:Energy & Environment
Energy & Environment offers optimal solutions in the energy-related fi elds of thermal power, nuclear power, and renewable energy, in such environmental areas as water and fl ue gas treatment, and for chemical plants and other industrial infrastructure elements. By integrating large-scale infrastructure projects that support society, MHI generates new power for the future.

Commercial Aviation & Transportation Systems

Image:Commercial Aviation & Transportation Systems
Commercial Aviation & Transportation Systems delivers advanced land, sea, and air transportation systems, including civilian aircraft, commercial ships, and transit networks. MHI moves society, supporting its transportation and logistics infrastructures with superior safety, guaranteed quality, and reliability backed by technology.

Integrated Defense & Space Systems

Image:Integrated Defense & Space Systems
Integrated Defense & Space Systems provides integrated land, sea, air, and space defense systems, including naval ships, defense aircraft, launch vehicles, and special vehicles as well as spacerelated services. MHI uses the technology and expertise cultivated in its defense and space business to provide security on the planet.

Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure

Image:Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure
Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure provides a wide range of products that form the foundation of industrial development, such as machine tools, material handling, construction machinery, and air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. MHI applies its vast business endeavors and high reliability as a corporation that supports social and industrial infrastructure to connect people to people, businesses to businesses, and the present to the future.
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