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Image:Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure

Furnishing highly effi cient products and services to support key industries and areas

Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure

Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure provides a wide range of products that form the foundation of industrial development, such as machine tools, material handling, construction machinery, and air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. As a manufacturer, MHI is applying its sophisticated technologies and expanding its areas of business to play a major role in infrastructure development in countries worldwide.

SWOT Matrix

Image:SWOT Matrix

Basic Strategies

  • Reinforce production and sales in emerging markets in which such core industries are rapidly expanding, and aim to increase market shares and expand profitability
  • Establish dedicated operating companies, form alliances and carry out mergers and acquisitions, and build world-class businesses by engaging in agile and flexible organizational management

photo:Hisakazu Mizutani Domain CEO, Integrated Defense & Space Systems
We are working to boost profi tability by building a portfolio that optimizes the scale and profi tability of strategic business units (SBUs) and effi ciently allocating business resources.
Kazuaki Kimura
Domain CEO, Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure






Fiscal 2013 in Review

April 2013 marked the launch of operations at Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of MHI that integrates the forklift truck operations of MHI and Nippon Yusoki Co., Ltd. This new entity will enable us to take on larger orders for forklift trucks. During the year, orders increased for automobile turbochargers, centered on China and Europe. Orders also rose for air-conditioning equipment from China and compressors in the United States. As a result, in this domain orders received amounted to ¥1,106.5 billion and consolidated net sales came to ¥1,096.3 billion, both up from the previous fiscal year. Operating income also rose year on year, to ¥51.6 billion, benefiting from the impact of yen depreciation.

Graph:Orders Received / Net Sales / Operating Income

Operating Environment

Against a backdrop of increasingly stringent environmental regulations on automobiles, around the world a growing number of vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel engines are being fitted with turbochargers to enhance their fuel efficiency. With the trend toward stricter environmental regulations slated to continue, this market is expected to continue growing.

Increased U.S. shale gas production has led to demand for compressors. Demand is also vigorous for gas-related plant equipment used in shale gas production, such as LNG shipping facilities, as well as for new petrochemical plants to produce ethylene. Compressor demand is benefiting from the ripple effect of expanding shale gas production, as these devices are used to compress the air and gases that related plants require to generate products.

Initiatives for Growth over the Medium to Long Term

In the Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure domain, we offer a wide range of products targeted at such key industries as steel and automobiles and include iron and steel manufacturing machinery, compressors, and machine tools. We are working to reinforce production and sales in emerging markets in which such core industries are rapidly expanding and aim to increase market share and expand profitability. Through initiatives that reach across individual SBUs, this domain strives to generate synergies in production, sales, and on a host of other functional fronts. To accomplish this aim, we will cultivate human resources and extend our lineup of products that are capable of responding to the needs of diverse customers, markets, and business practices. We will also enhance our service networks and set up production bases that cater to the need for local production for local consumption.

To achieve agile and flexible organizational management, we will work actively to establish dedicated operating companies, form alliances, and carry out mergers and acquisitions in our aim to build world-class businesses.

Key Projects
Announcement Delivery Project
March 2014 - Three Group Companies in Machinery and Steel Structures Businesses to Merge into Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems, Ltd.
January 2014 - MHI and Hitachi to Collaborate on the Distributed Gas Engine Power Generation Systems Business in China
October 2013 - MHI and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., Develop New 1,000 kW Gas Engine Cogeneration System
October 2013 - MHI Develops MEGASEG, Industry’s First Portable Generator in the 2 kVA Class Fueled by Propane Gas (LPG)
August 2013 - MHI Announces Plan to Boost Turbocharger Production Capacity Worldwide, Aiming for 10 Million Units/Year Production Structure
April 2013 - MHI to License KU Gas Engine Technologies to ZGPT of China

Strategic Business Unit (SBU)

  • Compressors
  • Metals Machinery
  • Environmental System
  • Mechatronics Systems
  • Industry and Precision Instruments
  • Advanced Mechanical System
  • Hydraulics & Machinery
  • Other Equipment
  • Turbocharger
  • Automotive Thermal Systems
  • Engine
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Machine Tool
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