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Image:Commercial Aviation & Transportation Systems

FOCUSCommercial Aviation & Transportation Systems

Providing Transportation Systems That Deliver Safety and Peace of Mind in Locations around the World

The growing number of automobiles in urban areas is giving rise to such social issues as traffi c congestion and environmental degradation. MHI is contributing to improvements in urban transportation through transportation systems that include high-speed railways, urban rail systems, and new rubber-tire-based urban transportation systems, which the Company delivers to customers in Japan and overseas.

photo:Macau Light Rapid Transit

Macau Light Rapid Transit

Image:Key Capital, Business Activities, Value Created


  • Growing need to move within urban areas, in line with economic development in emerging countries
  • Increasingly serious urban traffi c congestion and environmental problems
  • Escalating demand for urban transportation systems that have little environmental impact

The global market for rail transit systems is brisk and is said to have an annual value of more than ¥20 trillion. The number of urban projects is increasing, particularly in emerging countries. In tandem with economic development, emerging countries’populations are concentrating in urban centers, stimulating demand for intracity transportation. Growing numbers of automobiles are causing more traffi c congestion, and exhaust gases are reducing environmental quality. The need to address social problems such as these is pressing.

Against this backdrop, demand is intensifying to set up urban transportation systems to serve as a means of public transportation with relatively low environmental impact. MHI is drawing on its experience in high-speed rail projects such as Taiwan High Speed Rail; rail transit systems, including the Dubai Metro; and new Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) systems using rubber tires, such as the Yurikamome Line, in Tokyo. By combining its expertise in these areas, MHI provides transportation systems that are optimal for the cities in which they are used.

Key Capital

  • Extensive experience in delivering systems in Japan and overseas
  • Sophisticated system integration and project management capabilities

In rail transit systems, MHI oversaw track, communications, and electrical system integration for Taiwan High Speed Rail, earning high praise for its project management capabilities. We have also received an order for a project to extend the Taiwan High Speed Rail, and construction currently is under way. In urban rail systems, MHI handled the overall transport system engineering, procurement, construction, test operation and adjustment, and safety verifi cation for the Dubai Metro, the world’s longest fully automated metro network. The high marks we received on these projects led to an order for São Paolo Metro Line 6, in Brazil. Since 1973, MHI has delivered numerous new urban transportation systems, including one to the Miami International Airport, in the United States, as well as others in Singapore, South Korea, and Dubai. Recent projects include the construction of the Macau Light Rapid Transit system, which is scheduled to commence commercial operations in 2015. In 2014, MHI received an order for AGT systems from the Orlando International Airport, in the United States. Its mastery of engineering and expertise in the design and production of rolling stock for new transportation systems makes MHI one of the few system integrators in the world capable of undertaking such projects, and the Company has earned a solid reputation for its systems.

Image:Major Urban Transportation Projects Planned in Key Markets


  • Benefi t from the synergies of transitioning to the Business Domain Structure, and take advantage of comprehensive capabilities
  • Accelerate global development by establishing business bases at four locations throughout the world
  • Expand business that utilizes the MIHARA Test Center

Provide new transportation systems that are safe and offer peace of mind, contributing to improvements in urban transportation in locations around the world

In Commercial Aviation & Transportation Systems, we strive to generate and expand business by combining and taking advantage of synergies among the domain’s technologies, products, human resources and other areas. Our strengths in the transportation systems business lie in our expertise as a system integrator. Moving ahead, we will combine and strengthen the system integration expertise, methodologies, and personnel we have cultivated through various products in this domain involving large-scale, complex systems to serve the rapidly expanding transportation systems business. As one example of product synergies, we are proposing total package solutions for certain cities in Southeast Asia using MRJ to expand air routes and that include airport infrastructure and transportation systems.

To strengthen our global development in the transportation systems business, by 2016 we plan to establish operating bases in the United States, Dubai, Brazil, and Singapore. We will station expert internal and outside personnel in each region and strive to develop close and ongoing communications and alliances with local government bodies, customers, and regional partners. These bases will also handle maintenance services, serving as a bridgehead for reinforcing our service business.

Another key to expanding the transportation systems business is the testing and verifi cation of rolling stock, components, and communications. The MIHARA Test Center,* located at the Wadaoki Plant of our Mihara Machinery Works, will open in autumn of 2014, making it possible to test rolling stock during actual operation. This capability will enable us to augment safety, shorten verifi cation periods, and accelerate development. The facility will also allow us to provide hands-on training and education for overseas personnel involved in rail operations. We expect the center to serve as a powerful tool for generating export orders.

Going forward, in addition to new routes MHI will strive to expand orders for construction work to renovate and increase transportation capacity on existing routes. By providing new transportation systems that are safe and offer peace of mind, we will contribute to improvements in urban transportation in locations throughout the world and endeavor to expand our operations.

*MIHARA is an acronym for Multipurpose Integrated Highly Advanced Railway Applications. The center has a 3.2-kilometer-long loop track and is the fi rst facility in Japan capable of testing integrated transportation systems.

Image:MIHARA Test Center, Japan’s fi rst comprehensive railway system test facility

VOICEHigh Expectations for Overseas Development Leveraging Sophisticated System Integration Capabilities

photo:Yasuhiro Nakata Chief Executive Offi cer, Japan Transportation Planning Association
Yasuhiro Nakata
Chief Executive Offi cer, Japan Transportation Planning Association

New transportation systems are being developed as modes of transport that make cities more convenient. Such systems already play an important role as a core means of public transportation in Japan. Our association is working to promote the export of new transportation systems developed in Japan to serve in intraurban transport in other countries. We believe these systems will be particularly effective in alleviating the traffi c congestion and increasingly serious environmental degradation that major Asian and African countries are experiencing. We have high hopes for joint overseas development with MHI, which is a member of our association, based on its highly rated system integration capabilities for the rolling stock technology and overseas projects it has delivered to date.

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