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Interview with the President

photo:Shunichi Miyanaga President and CEO

We will proceed swiftly in line with our business plan, working toward our objective of becoming a highly profitable company with a business scale of ¥5 trillion. Shunichi Miyanaga President and CEO



Graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law and joined MHI in 1972. In 2000, was appointed president of MHI-HITACHI Metals Machinery, Inc. (currently Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery, Inc.), the first joint venture between MHI and Hitachi, Ltd. This venture was restructured into the steel and metal production machinery business. Returned to MHI in 2006, and in 2008 was appointed Member of the Board and Executive Vice President of MHI, as well as Head of Machinery & Steel Structures Headquarters. Served as Member of the Board, Senior Executive Vice President, and Head of the Presidential Administration Office from 2011. Appointed President in 2013.

Please watch the video on the website below.
  • Q1 Would you please describe some of the highlights of MHI’s consolidated operating performance during fiscal 2013?
  • Q2 Please describe the background for setting the 2012 Medium-Term Business Plan’s objectives of expanding business scale and improving capital efficiency and net income level, as well as specific initiatives being taken.
  • Q3 As specifi c measures to accelerate global expansion, you have proactively pursued business growth through M&A and alliance activities. How is your progress on this front?
  • Q4 What progress has been made in the two areas of “institute corporate reforms and efficiency improvements” and “continue innovations in corporate governance and business execution”?
  • Q5 What will be some of your primary focuses for fi scal 2014 and beyond, as you proceed toward meeting the objectives of the 2012 Medium-Term Business Plan and become a highly profi table company with a business scale of ¥5 trillion?
  • Q6 Won’t the further expansion of your business scale and additional globalization also give rise to new issues?
  • Q7 What closing message would you like to leave with readers?
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