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In order to create an environment in which it is easy for employees to work and also have a family, MHI is making efforts to expand its various support systems that give consideration to childcare and family care.

In November 2011, MHI established a child planning leave system, which can be used for infertility treatment, and hourly paid-leave, in which employees can use their leave in increments of one to two hours according to their circumstances for purposes such as childcare and family care. We also expanded the periods for family-care leave and family-care work shifts, so that employees can take up to one year of total family-care leave and take advantage of family-care work shifts for up to three years. In April 2016, in order to create more flexible working style, we introduced a tele-work system.
Furthermore, the periods for family-care leave and family-care work have been expanded; and each can be used for a total of up to one year.
In addition, the systems for childcare leave, childcare work, family-care leave, and family-care work all now exceed statutory minimums. Information about the systems and procedures regarding childcare and family care are available on our intranet so that employees can access it easily.
Other initiatives include holding regular discussion panels between individuals on childcare leave and those who have taken such leave in the past in hopes of enabling a smooth transition back to work.We also hold nursing-care seminars in an effort to prevent employees from leaving their jobs to provide this care.

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