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Labor Practice

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MHI considers diversity to be essential for human resources, which represent the core of its business activities, from the perspective of accelerating globalization and adapting to various business environments. Focusing on securing and enhancing the readiness of our global business as well as on affirmative action for female employees, we will strengthen diversity management.

In July 2014, MHI set a target to increase the number of female managers (in positions of section manager and higher) in the Company threefold from the current level by 2020. Our current phase of activity addresses four themes: increasing the number of female employees, offering career support for employees raising children or providing nursing care, systematically developing female employees in managerial positions, and fostering a corporate culture that supports diversity management. Moreover, we are considering flexible working styles that facilitate a quick return to work after childbirth or raising children, and creating a framework and an environment to further promote the careers of female employees.

Number of the Company's female managers

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