Labur Practice

In order to provide a work environment where each and every employee can reach their full potential, MHI Group formulated the MHI Group Global Code of Conduct and is working to foster a corporate culture and establish various systems to serve such a purpose.
In regard to payment, working hours, and labour standards, we carefully comply with the laws and regulations of each country and adhere to the laws and regulations of Japan such as the establishment of labour conditions that prohibit employees from working more than eight hours a day and 40 hours a week. Through such measures, we are working to provide an even better work environment for our employees. At the same time, we are working to further improve our work environment. Moreover, we are concluding collective agreements with labour unions and compiling opinions regarding topics such as living wages, bonuses, occupational health and safety, improvements to various systems, and business conditions. In doing so, we are maintaining a dialogue between labour unions and management.
MHI considers diversity to be essential for human resources, who represent the core of its business activities from the perspectives of accelerating globalization and adapting to various business environments. Focusing on securing and enhancing the readiness of our global business as well as on promoting the active participation of women, we will strengthen diversity management.
To promote diversity, we will advance diversity management in position-based training and thereby foster a corporate culture where women play an active role. In addition, the Chairman of the Board regularly attends meetings for The Declaration on Action by a Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in Which Women Shine held by the Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office, in solidarity with the goals of the declaration.
In July 2014, MHI set a target to increase the number of female managers in positions of section manager and higher in the Company threefold from the current level by 2020. Our current phase of activity addresses four themes: increasing the number of female employees, offering career support for employees raising children or providing nursing care, systematically developing female employees in managerial positions, and fostering a corporate culture that supports diversity management. Moreover, we are considering flexible working styles that facilitate a quick return to work after childbirth or raising children, and creating a framework and an environment to further promote the careers of female employees. In April 2019, we appointed our first female executive officer.
We aim to promote social independence for differently abled people and provide a place where they can find success in accordance with their abilities. We are also supporting our employees by continuously considering our workplace environment and appropriate equipment and facilities –including a move to barrier-free facilities– maintaining a health management center and providing consulting services. In December 2018, we also created areas where differently abled people can play an active role. Moreover, since 2003, we have formulated a system for reemploying workers who are past retirement age (aged 60). In addition, we implemented the Employment Extension System in 2013 to realize more balanced treatment and improved employee benefits for these workers than what was offered under the previous reemployment system.
In addition, with the diversifying beliefs among our employees, we opened up our meeting room to provide them with a place for holding prayers and religious services. We are also working to promote the involvement of highly skilled employees with experience in various settings such as by considering the possibility of providing same-sex couples with the same welfare benefits as married couples.

Number of female managers at MHI

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