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Human Resources Development

Human resources management

Focus areas on human resources management We are promoting human resources development mainly by encouraging employees to develop their own careers on their own initiatives, conducting training to strengthen global responsiveness, developing localized training for the overseas MHI Group employees, conducting training for MHI Group employees, and promoting the active participation of women.

Human resources development programs

Program (1) Education to strengthen global responsiveness
To further strengthen global responsiveness, in fiscal 2011 MHI established a program for dispatching young employees overseas (MGT: MHI Global Training).
Benefits The program develops an early awareness of global human resources and enhances global response capabilities throughout the organization.
Attendance 9 employees (FY2019)
Program (2) Education to strengthen global responsiveness
To accelerate globalization and diversity, it is essential to augment the capabilities and skills of divers human resources, including those of overseas Group companies. In order to develop human resources who will be responsible for the Group companies and reinforcing regional management of MHI Group, we are enhancing trainings for future candidates for regional and local management positions. In fiscal 2017, we revamped our training program contents and target group. We started to implement it in Bangalore, India for exceptional human resources who are recommended by Group companies in all over the world, as well as nominees from Japan. The training contents developed in collaboration with one of India’s leading business schools, these prospects participate in fieldwork in Bangalore a city which is attractive as a market and an advanced place for ICT startups. This combination has made for a diverse and exciting program.
In addition, since fiscal 2019 we have been implementing one of the two courses in Australia. By such measures, we are working to further enhance the program through improving access from North America and enhancing efficiency of advance learning in partnership with a leading business school in Australia.
Benefits The objective of the program is to impart the knowledge necessary for management personnel so that they can take charge of the management of overseas group companies, and to encourage them to be aware of themselves as leaders and members of the MHI Group.
Attendance 20 employees (FY2019)
Program (3) Development of junior technicians on the forefront of manufacturing
MHI has prepared textbooks that are standardized for the entire company to ensure the commonality and uniformity of education. We have also made DVDs of “Skills of the Masters" cultivated by veteran technicians, in order to retain them in digital data. These and other efforts seek to ensure the steady succession of techniques and the early development of junior technicians. In addition, with the aim of improving the level of expertise and energizing our junior technicians, we hold company-wide skills contests in machine assembly, lathing, welding, and other fields. We are also working to improve the leadership skills of employees who serve as instructors.
Benefits At MHI Group, the number of junior technicians is increasing as more senior technicians retire. For that reason, there is an urgent need to train technicians who can maintain the front line of manufacturing. This organizational training program aims to ensure that the skills of the senior technicians are passed on to the junior technicians.
Program (4) Training activities for Group company employees
To promote human resource development that is unified throughout MHI Group, we conduct management training by job levels and business skills training as consistent programs across the Group. In fiscal 2017, we began conducting this training for the entire MHI Group and increasing educational opportunities throughout the Group. At the same time, we are promoting interaction among participants that goes beyond companies and divisions, as we work to foster a sense of unity throughout the Group.
Benefits This program aims to strengthen the management and business quality of the entire MHI Group.