Results of principal philanthropic activities in fiscal 2018

Upbringing of the next generation: Inspire the future

Name of activity Overview Related SDGs
Science classes MHI conducts science classes for students at elementary schools located nearby our business facilities during which the MHI Group products and technologies found at the Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum are used as teaching materials. Target 4
MHI Tanegashima Space School We accept applications from elementary school students around Japan to visit Tanegashima, a rocket launch site. During the visit, we conduct science classes and observe rocketlaunches. Target 4
The Shiki Theatre Company's Kokoro no Gekijo The Company is working through musicals to cultivate a richness of spirit among the children Company's Kokoro no Gekijo ("Theater of the Heart") productions. Group employees and their families have participated as volunteers in performances held near our plants. of the next generation. Accordingly, from fiscal 2013 we have supported the Shiki Theatre. Target 4

Local contribution: Create a more harmonious society

Name of activity Overview Related SDGs
MHI Miyagi Fukushima Mini-Fund This support fund set up in fiscal 2012 backs activities at locations that connect people who moved into temporary housing or public housing for disaster recovery following the Great East Japan Earthquake, as well as other relevant local community members. Target 11
Table For Two Table For Two (TFT) is a social contribution initiative from Japan aimed simultaneously at alleviating poverty in developing countries and addressing obesity and lifestyle diseases in advanced countries. MHI Group upholds the initiative’s philosophy and has incorporated TFT programs in its cafeterias and vending machines within its headquarters and bases of operation. Target 1 and 2

Environment: Care for the planet

Name of activity Overview Related SDGs
Tanegashima Loggerhead Turtle Survey MHI Group offered its support for the Tanegashima Loggerhead Turtle Survey, an event sponsored by the authorized NPO EarthWatch Japan. Tanegashima is a key location for our rocket launch business, and the launch market is expected to expand as demand for satellite use grows around the world. In this activity, employee volunteers participate in local surveys. Although Tanegashima, which is home to an important MHI Group business site, is a spawning ground for the loggerhead turtle, few individual identification surveys have been conducted to date. We anticipate that conducting such surveys in Tanegashima beach areas will help to clarify the ecology of the loggerhead turtles and contribute to the preservation of the species as it faces extinction. Target 14 and 15
Forest Conservation Programs (forest preservation activities) MHI Group employees and their families participate in various forest conservation programs led by individual Japanese prefectures to address the many problems affecting forests in locations around Japan and contribute to the development of ecologically diverse forests, in addition to forest preservation activities led by governmental and non-profit organizations. Target 15
Environmental Action Furusato Cleanup Each year throughout Japan, we conduct the Furusato Cleanup events as a cleanup activity in regions where we are active on a daily basis. For our cleanup activity in Shiga Prefecture, we conduct activities aimed at eliminating invasive fish species in Lake Biwa. Such cleanup activities are aimed at enhancing awareness among individual Group employees and family members of environmental preservation and local conservation. In fiscal 2018, 128 of these activities were conducted, and 4,300 people have participated. Target 14 and 15

More detailed information about philanthropic activities is available on our website and CSR Facebook.