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SCM Information

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Explained below is the information that supply chain members should share.

Trading Rules

In order to carry out efficient trade, suppliers are required to have sufficient knowledge concerning the laws and regulations related to importing and exporting (foreign currency exchange and Foreign Trade Law (the foreign Exchange Control Law), etc.) and the fundamental laws of the trade (customs law etc.), etc.

Trading Standards and Practices

Suppliers are also required to have sufficient knowledge of international and industrial trading standards and practices. These are classified roughly as follows. Taking actions based on standard is required.

  • International Standard applied internationally (ISO, INCOTERMS, etc.)
  • Regional standard that are enforced and operated by organization in a part of region such as Europe
  • National standard that are enforced and applied by group admitted as national or domestic standard organization.
  • Government office standard that are enforced by government and municipal offices in nation
  • Group standard that are enforced by domestic brotherhood group and academic society. As a rule, they are applied to the group members internally.
  • Industrial standards that are provided by particular business interests