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KM CDR Process®

Latest News

July 15, 2014
MHI Receives Order for World's Largest Post Combustion CO2 Capture System for a Coal-fired Power Generation Plant, For Japan-U.S. Joint Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Project
January 14, 2014
Demonstration Test for Capturing CO2 In the Flue Gas from a Coal-fired Power Generation Plant Completes Initial Demonstration Phase
October 17, 2012
MHI Awarded Concept Study of 3,400ton/day CO2 Recovery Facility for Technology Qualification Program from Statoil, Norway
-- One of World's Largest Recovery Plants for CHP Power Station --
September 14, 2012
World's First Integrated CCS of Coal-fired Power Plant Emissions Begins
--500 tons/day Joint Demonstration Project with Southern Company --
July 4, 2012
MHI Receives Award for Testing of 3,400ton/day CO2 Recovery Facility For Technology Qualification Program from Statoil, Norway
-- One of World's Largest Recovery Plants for CHP Power Plant --
March 15, 2012
MHI Receives Large-scale CO2 Recovery Plant Order from Petrochemical Company in Qatar, for Increased Methanol Production
-- First Overseas Order Specifically Targeting Higher Methanol Output --
November 16, 2011
MHI Receives Order for Initial Planning of CO2 Recovery Facility for Technology Qualification Program of Gassnova, Norway, Targeting System Evaluation for Gas-fired Power Plant
-- One of World's Largest Recovery Plants --
June 14, 2011
Carbon Capture Technology Successfully Deployed at Coal-fired Power Plant
-- Technology Will Capture 150,000 Tons of CO2 Annually --
December 21, 2010
MHI to License Flue Gas Carbon Dioxide Recovery Technology to NFL, State Fertilizer Company in India
-- World-class Recovery Capacity of 450 Tons/Day --
September 23, 2010
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. Carbon Capture at Georgia Power Plant Yates (Linked to MHIA website)
August 5, 2010
MHI Receives FEED Order for CO2 Capture Plant from E.ON UK
December 24, 2009
MHI  Bahrain Commercial CO2 Capture Plant Commences Operation (Linked to GPIC website)
June 18, 2009
MHI's CO2 Capture Technology Has Been Selected by E.ON UK for Its Application to UK CCS Demonstration Competition
May 22, 2009
MHI Carbon Capture Technology to be Demonstrated in United States on Southern Company Coal-Fired Power Plant
February 04, 2009
MHI Signs 9th Technology License Agreement to Capture Carbon Dioxide from Flue Gas and Increase Urea Production at Fertilizer Plant in Vietnam
August 20, 2008
MHI Receives Front End Engineering and Design Order for CO2 Recovery Facility at Gas Fired Power Generation Plant in Norway
-- One of the World's Largest Recovery Capacities, 3,000 Tons/Day --
July 03, 2008
MHI and E.ON Energie of Germany to Verify CO2 Recovery Technology for Coal-fired Power Generation Plants
-- 100 Tons/Day Facility to Start Operation in 2010 --

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