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Rail Transit

In addition to Automated People Mover Systems, MHI has over 30 years of experience in the mass transit industry, including High Speed Rail, LRTs, and other innovative technologies.

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Approved by Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
In 2000, an MHI-led consortium was awarded a contract to install the first export of the Japanese High Speed Rail ("Bullet Train"), connecting the cities of Taipei and Kaoshiung in Taiwan, 345km length. MHI acts as the integrator of all E&M Systems, including trackwork, for this High Speed Rail System.

EDSA Rail Transit System, Line 3 (LRT)

EDSA Rail Transit System, Line 3 (LRT)
Mitsubishi was awarded a Full Turnkey LRT project to construct the guideway, stations, facilities and light rail transit system in the heart of Manila, Philippines. The project was completed on time and with in budget in December 1999, and MHI has been successfully providing Maintenance service since that time.

New Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) Development

New Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) Development
MHI has developed a 100% Low Floor Light Rail Vehicle by teaming with the Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd. and Toyo Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. targeting both domestic Japanese and overseas markets. The Low Floor LRV utilizes hub drive motors, whitch removes the need for bogie axles and allows the floor of the vehicle to be level with low station platforms, eliminating the requirement for steps from platform level to the vehicle floor.

Maglev System (HSST)

Maglev System (HSST)
As an innovative and strategical technology, MHI has introduced the innnovative, magnetically levitated and linear motor propelled transit system called "HSST (High Speed Surface Transport)".
This contact-less, floating technology provides superior ride quality even under high speed operation.
This system also provides unmanned operation by utilizing an Automation Train Control system.


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