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2016 February No.180
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Special Feature: A dream team sets out to save steel from a historic crisis, Primetals Technologies Limited, a new joint venture between Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery and Siemens VAI Metals Technologies, unites the world's top experts in steel technology, from upstream skills in iron and steelmaking to downstream strengths in rolling and processing.
Leading Player

Ensuring reliability under
extreme pressure: Compressors

MCO's are the solution of choice for customers around the world.
Discussing production philosophy with the man responsible for MCO compressor products

Meet MHI Life with MHI

MHI Group news & topics of daily
life from around the world

MHI's businesses and products are deeply interwoven with our daily life. Introducing remarkable activities and achievements.

Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow

MHI Group solutions to resolve
global challenges

MHI Group projects addressing challenges across the globe through diligence and persistent reinforcement of technological capabilities.

Engineers, Be Ambitious!

A design engineer of external compressor parts

Her pride: Designing products at the heart of the plant that will be used by customers worldwide.

First published as the external PR magazine titled Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1964, "MHI Graph" has been showcasing a myriad of MHI Group enterprises and their state-of-the-art technologies. However, we discontinue its publication in printed form with this issue No.180, and hereafter switch to online content that will allow more timely deliveries of the latest news. With our website as the base, we will be offering more fulfilling information than ever. Your continued support is appreciated.

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