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2015 August No.179
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Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow. Introducing MHI Group solutions to global issues achieved through diligent research and persistent strengthening of its technological capabilities.


Energy & Environment

In the thermal, nuclear and renewable energy fields, environmental water and flue gas treatment and industrial infrastructure, including chemical plants, MHI offers optimal solutions beneficial to society.

Photo: Integrated coal gasification combined cycle

The U.S. is the world's largest economic power, but its huge energy consumption means equally huge CO2 emissions. MHI's CO2 capture technology is helping with this problem.

Reduction of greenhouse gases
Solution CO2 Capture System texas

MHI's CO2 capture technology uses significantly less energy than any other system, and with the world's highest performance level, leads the industry in contributing to the preservation of the global environment.

Photo: CO2 Capture System

(Note) Conceptual drawing

Tighter U.S. greenhouse gas emission controls increase the need for CO2 capture technology

Greenhouse gases are considered the primary cause of global warming. The U.S., one of the world's largest energy consumers, also emits huge amounts of CO2, and the Federal Government has come up with measures to strengthen greenhouse gas emission regulations at thermal power plants.
In response to this initiative, MHI's CO2 capture system was selected for a Japan-US Joint Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Project in July 2014 (Note). The system will be annexed to a coal-fired power generation plant in Texas and will have a CO2 capture efficiency of 90 percents with the world's highest CO2 capture capacity of 4,776 metric tons per day. The captured CO2 will be compressed and then injected into a nearby oil field to boost crude oil production. This advanced solution-type project meets global environment and energy challenges, accelerating the move toward a low-carbon society.

(Note) The system will be delivered to Petra Nova CCS I LLC, a joint venture between JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation and NRG Energy, Inc., a major independent power producer in the U.S.

Photo: Signing Ceremony
Refurbishment of Hartha Thermal Power Station: Contributing to power supply recovery ---- Iraq

The Ministry of Electricity of Iraq has commissioned Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) to refurbish Unit 4 at the Hartha (gas and oil-fired) Thermal Power Station. Originally delivered by MHI in 1980, the plant has played a vital role in providing power to the region, but with war damage and gradual degradation, major components of the boilers, steam turbines and power generator need to be replaced. These improvements and the latest distributed control system (DCS) for instrumentation devices will enhance the plant's reliability. Moreover, Unit 4 is now operating at only some 40 percents of its rated capacity, but at completion of the refurbishment work in May 2017, 200 megawatts of rated operation will be available. Through the restoration of stable power supplies and by enhancing power generation efficiency, MHPS is contributing to Iraq's economic and social recovery.

Photo: DeNOx system (SCR)
High-performance DeNOx system for coal-fired power plant compliant with European emission controls ---- Spain

MHPS received an order from the Spanish power company, HIDROELÉCTRICA DEL CANTÁBRICO, S.A., for the high-performance DeNOx systems at the company's Power Station Aboño Unit 2 and Soto de Ribera Unit 3. The systems reduce NOx emissions by more than 80 percents and are scheduled to go into operation in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Photo: Large-scale fertilizer plant constructed by MHI in Oman
Joint construction of fertilizer plant for a state-owned chemical company ---- Turkmenistan

MHI, Mitsubishi Corporation and GAP Insaat Yatirim ve Dis Tiscaret A.S., a Turkish construction company, jointly received an EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning) contract for a large-scale ammonia and urea fertilizer production plant using natural gas from Turkmenistan. The plant built for a state-owned chemical company will start operation in June 2018.

In addition to the Energy & Environment domain featured in this issue, the business and products of all MHI domains serve an active role throughout the world.

Commercial Aviation & Transportation Systems

Delivers reliable and advanced land, sea and air transportation systems for transportation and logistics infrastructures, such as civilian aircraft and transportation systems

Integrated Defense & Space Systems

Contributes to safety and security with integrated defense systems and space-related services for land, sea, air and space, e.g., defense aircraft and launch vehicles

Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure

Offers extensive services, e.g., machine tools and air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, in support of society and industry, connecting people to people and businesses to businesses

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