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Brand Message

The spirit of MHI as a monozukuri (manufacturing) enterprise and the firmly held beliefs included in the company's CI statement.

Our Technologies,
Your Tomorrow

This CI statement represents our intention to "continuously provide an assured future where people can live safe, secure and enriched lives through technollogies that can excite people and passion as a manufacturer for the sustainability of the earth and humankind."

CI statement logo
MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow


As a Manufacturer,
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Provides an Assured Future through
Technologies and Passion
We at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries aim to provide the next generation with an assured future of comfortable lives and happiness through technologies that excite people and our passion for manufacturing.

To achieve this aim, we seek to provide further value by improving the technologies we have fostered and using new ideas and concepts to integrate our diverse technologies.

From a global perspective, we work to solve the problems facing humankind and to realize everyone's dreams.